Owner Mastermind Groups


Transition-Ready Businesses Are More Valuable™

Ready-for-Next™ Academy’s unique business owner Mastermind Groups focus entirely on business value acceleration and transition-readiness.

Whether your ownership transition is just around the corner or years away, seeing your business through the eyes of a dispassionate investor is key to reducing risk and optimizing transferable value.


How it works

  • Groups of 10 non-competing owners

  • Meet one full day each month for a year

  • Each group has a dedicated facilitator who guides the group meetings and supports members

  • Additional One-on-One owner-facilitator meetings each month

  • Subject Matter experts deliver specialized content during the group meetings

  • All group members have access to the Ready-for-Next™ Academy online courses

  • Optional one-on-one coaching is available*

What We Deliver

  1. A comprehensive “Value Bridge” assessment with actionable insights

  2. Step-by-step development of a Transition-Readiness Roadmap™

  3. Monthly webinars, tools and methods which can be put to work immediately

  4. Free and discounted Ready-for-Next™ Academy online courses and a la carte content

  5. Private social network and document/tools archive to facilitate sharing

  6. Value Acceleration hotline and additional one-on-one sessions on a case-by-case basis*

  7. Digital video recordings of sessions

  8. Access to a network of executive coaches and other experts*

*additional fees may apply


The Mastermind Group Curriculum

Month 0

Value Bridge Assessment and private readout of results

Month 1

Setting the Baseline: Key Concepts of Value Acceleration and Transition Readiness

Month 2

What is Value? Value Drivers, Value Killers, and the Outside Investor Viewpoint

Month 3

Decision Dynamics: Figuring out what matters, making better decisions faster

Month 4

Company of the Future-Agile Strategy / Graphic Game Plan

Month 5

Company of the Future-Agile Strategy / Strategic Doing

Month 6

Reducing Risk Rapidly

Month 7

Accelerating Productivity / Mapping Value Streams

Month 8

Financial Acceleration

Month 9

Sales and Marketing Acceleration

Month 10

Peer Presentations: Roadmaps, Pathfinder Projects, Action Plans

Month 11

Peer Presentations: Roadmaps, Pathfinder Projects, Action Plans

Month 12

Leadership Acceleration / Achieving True Owner Independence